26.4.2024… WDS Zagreb 2024

Fabienne got wonderful results at the World Dog Show in Zagreb, Croatia. In working class: excellent, CAC CACIB BOS WORLD WINNER
And she also fulfilled the conditions for the Champion of Beauty in Croatia. Now as her mother and grandmother she is world winner 🙂

20.2.2024… Fabienne got another show success

Fabienne is not yet two years old and already has many show successes, in January and February we managed to get three adult championships.

Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Polish Champion

10.10.2023… Fabienne almost winner Autumn exams

On 7th October 2023 Fabienne and I attended club autumn exams in Brod nad Dyjí. The result exceeded my expectations and Fabienne almost won. Victory was decided by who is already among the breeding individuals – I prize 297 points.

3.10.2023… Picardy Spaniel Reunion VIII.

The meeting of our kennel, already 8th year, took place 15-17 September in the beautiful surroundings of Vysočina. Wonderful atmosphere, also perfect weather. The program included hunting training, field search, quail pointing, fetching, photography, discussion and a walk together. We had a lot of fun. Thank you to all who attended ☺️ The photographer Kateřina Skopalová was invited to our reunion again. Thank you for the beautiful photos

18.9.2023… Litter “A” Ammaeli´s Garden

I have the honour to announce that Aurora has become a grandmother, and Innes a great-grandmother. From the combination of Euphoria Spanilá Jolanta & Isidor Bill Bo von der Appelbecke 9 beautiful puppies were born on 12.9.2023.


1.8.2023 Fabienne – Water exams

Fabienne passed the water work test in the first prize. At 16 months old this female is very successful, she has finished her  TAN, Spring exams, Autumn exams and Waterwork exams and all in 1st price.

16.5.2023… Fabienne Autumn exams

Fabienne succesfull passed autumn exams in I.price 284 points. Very good girl in 14 months:⁠-⁠) Video, training aport discipline

13.4.2023… First successes for Fabienne

Fabienne, who celebrated one year a few weeks ago, got her first successes, last month she got Slovak juniorchampion, Czech juniorchampion, she also succeeded in TAN club test. Results HD A ED OC free

25.2.2023… Aurora’s accident

We haven’t updated in a while. Aurora suffered an accident a week before Christmas, on 17.12.2022 she fell on a hunt in high snow. It looked really bad, I was afraid I was going to lose her on the spot. The x-ray showed that it was a fracture of the cervical vertebra and we were given the option of an expensive surgery with a 50 percent chance that Aurora would get back on her feet. Since then, I have been trying my best to rehabilitate her, sometimes it gets better, other times it is terribly difficult. Now after two months I can see that her chances are high. Time will tell us more. It’s a long run. And even if some don’t believe it, we’ll fight. Aurora is worth it. She’s the best Picardy Pointer in the country and most importantly, the best friend. Thank you all for your support.

25.10.2022 … Stars mother & daughter

Aurora passed CANIS-THERAPY exams on 15th October. She became the first Picardy Spaniel with this qualification in the Czech Republic. Her youngest daughter Fabienne passed her first exams in only 7 months on 22nd October – ZV – hunting ability exams.