9.7.2020… Picardy Spaniels in Czech television

We accepted an invitation to Czech Television to broadcast Good Morning Live. Although it was a live broadcast and the interview was not prepared in advance, we managed everything very well. Puppies from litter “E” with mother Aurora and grandmother Innes took part in the broadcast. We talked with the moderators about the characteristics of the breed, its rarity, training, breeding and hunting work. The show is in the archives of Czech Television and can be played in the archive

11.6.2020… Litter “E” 3 weeks

Puppies from litter “E” have now reached the age of 3 weeks, in nice weather they are playing in the garden. They improve their gait, they play and they even bite, we start with porridge. Beautiful photos in the garden were created by Kateřina Skopalová

16.5.2020… Birth of litter “E”

We have good news, 16th May 2020 was born our litter “E” and Aurora is second time mother. She have 5 females and 1 male. All are strong, healthy and so beuatiful. Father of litter “E” we choose in France Gayant de Passemarais.

21.12.2019… “D” 6 weeks old

Our puppies are 6 weeks old, they are very skillful and promise. Photoshooting again with Kateřina Skopalová

11.12.2019… Puppies “D” is 1 month old

Puppies from our fourth litter “D” have a month, they are doing well, socialize, play, love contact with children. We offer some puppies for reservation. Whole photo album

10.11.2019… birth of puppies D

We have happy news. Litter “D” came to the world on Wednesday 6th November – 10 beautiful puppies (7 boys and 3 girls) Innes takes good care, this beautiful time with babies is here again.

31.10.2019… Future litter “D”

We have great news… Litter “D” is coming

7.10.2019… Successful graduates exams

Bertrand Bohemian – 27.7 Water exams I.price, 5.8 Forrest exams

Aurora – 24.8 Forrest exams I.price

Alma – 5-6.10 VGP Vollgebrauchsprufung

14-15.9.2019… 4th Picardy Spaniel Reunion

Meeting of Epagneul Picard Spanilá Jolanta was amazing again. Many thanks to all participants and we are very grateful to Kateřina Skopalová for beautiful photos. Sample photos here,

13.7.2019… Cinnamon

Beautiful Cinnamon is leaving for a new home. We wish all best with her family