11.4.2017… first 2 weeks for our puppies “B”

Our puppies “B” already have two weeks.
thrive wonderfully, gradually changing their color of coat, they learn to walk. They are cute and all had opened her eyes.
On Friday was the first major photo shoot, I will soon add photos galerie “B”

and video

26.3.2017… Birth litter “B”

Innes x Amand von der Appelbecke, * 25.3.2017

birth litter “B”
Here are our puppies completely
8 strong and healthy, balanced litter
4 girls and 4 boys

16.2.2017… Innes´s pregnancy confirmed

For several days, I think so, Innes has a big appetite, loves to cuddle and sleep enough. And today it was confirmed by ultrasound and we have the first photo 🙂 I’m looking forward

8.2.2017… Duocacib 2017

In the days of 4 and 5 February 2017 Duocacib show was held in Brno, the exhibition was the pride ATHOS SPANILÁ JOLANTA

February 4, 2017Jacques Goubie / FR / – V1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB

February 5, 2017Jana Janek / SK / – V1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB

He also fulfilled conditions for Czech junior champion, congratulations!

author of beautiful photos: Kateřina Skopalová

24.1.2017… Mating in Germany

Mating was successful
we hope that at the end of March will be born litter B

Innes x Amand von der Appelbecke

11.1.2017… Winter walk

Again, we were fortunate enough to go for a walk with Katka Skopalová, we have gone through a winter landscape, trained.

For great photos like a fairy tale, thank you:) more fotos Kateřina Skopalová gallery

8.1.2017… National dog show Brno

We are glad that we met at the National Dog Show in Brno 7.1.2017 AmbroisineRosie Spanila Jolanta. We were fans

Ambroisine “Rosie” Spanilá Jolanta – Václavík Miroslav


Foto: Kateřina Skopalová foto

20.12.2016… Puppies “A” First year

Our puppies celebrated their first birthday.

Out to you go our thoughts, my birthday wishes, darlings!
You made my dream come true. You are the pathfinders.
I am happy to see you all thrive in your loving families.
You achieved a lot in a year… and you are beautiful 😉

I am eager to see your progress and success to come 😉

Best wishes!


5.12.2016… Future litter “B”

After an excellent first litter we are planning second for Spring 2017

30.11.2016… Hare

Hunting season is at its peak, zůčastlili we also hunt hares.

Aurora could also acquaint themselves with bringing hare. I was in suspense whether she will bring an adult hare. Without hesitation, she brought him
So we tryTrack trailing 100 m.