28.4.2016… With our pack in Beskydy

We spent a few days in Beskydy and Javorníky
and along the way we visited

more photos on my gallery

1.4.2016… Innes & Aurora together

I commend work photographer Kateřina Mráčková
Innes, Aurora and I Innes & Aurora

14.3.2016… All the puppies are with new owners

All our puppies went to their new homes. They have a wonderful new family. We wish them much success and joy 🙂

In our kennel stays female Aurora

Photo gallery from the new owners


19.2.2016… puppies in new homes <3


 Some puppies have traveled to their new homes. Getting used well and most importantly make new owners happy 🙂

We wish them good luck!

Alma Spanila Jolanta

Ambroisine Spanila Jolanta “Rosie”

Athos Spanilá Jolanta

Alrika Spanilá Jolanta “Maja”

Albertine Spanilá Jolanta “Luna”



15.2.2016… last pictures together

Thank you for a great photo shoot puppies at 7 weeks (7.2.2016)
I can recommend Kateřina Mráčková 🙂

Vrh A (more…)

9.2.2016… 7 weeks

We still have puppies available

two females and two males

IMG_20160209_112737 (more…)

4.2.2016… “position”

At last we gathered courage a picture taken standing puppies
And it worked out like this 😀


1.2.2016… 6 weeks

The puppies are 6 weeks old,

every day they go to the garden for a moment.
they have been vaccinated and chipped.


18.1.2016… We already have four weeks!

Our Litter A

…Little Picardians already have four weeks, it’s a bunch of hungry, mom Innes consumed within 5 minutes. They learn to use their sharp milk teeth to their siblings.

Ambroisine_4 weeks

We still have avalaible puppies!


8.1.2016… Photography on the 15th day

Big thanks to Kateřina Mráčková

puppies in the photos are 15 days old, they just open their eyes.

Puppies_15 days