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With great affection I cherish these noble breeds of hunting dogs. The girls are my four-legged friends, characterful companions, charming beauties, devoted hunt helpers and playful fellows. They simply bring joy into my life.

Breeding Kennel Graceful Jolanta

Our pack is an integral part of mine, they accompanies me everywhere with dedication, work, leisure time together on the training, hunts, exams or exhibitions.

You are welcome.

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10.10.2023… Fabienne almost winner Autumn exams

On 7th October 2023 Fabienne and I attended club autumn exams in Brod nad Dyjí. The result exceeded my expectations and Fabienne almost won. Victory was decided by who is already among the breeding individuals – I prize 297 points.

3.10.2023… Picardy Spaniel Reunion VIII.

The meeting of our kennel, already 8th year, took place 15-17 September in the beautiful surroundings of Vysočina. Wonderful atmosphere, also perfect weather. The program included hunting training, field search, quail pointing, fetching, photography, discussion and a walk together. We had a lot of fun. Thank you to all who attended ☺️ The photographer Kateřina Skopalová was invited to our reunion again. Thank you for the beautiful photos

18.9.2023… Litter “A” Ammaeli´s Garden

I have the honour to announce that Aurora has become a grandmother, and Innes a great-grandmother. From the combination of Euphoria Spanilá Jolanta & Isidor Bill Bo von der Appelbecke 9 beautiful puppies were born on 12.9.2023.