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With great affection I cherish these noble breeds of hunting dogs. The girls are my four-legged friends, characterful companions, charming beauties, devoted hunt helpers and playful fellows. They simply bring joy into my life.

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Our pack is an integral part of mine, they accompanies me everywhere with dedication, work, leisure time together on the training, hunts, exams or exhibitions.

You are welcome.

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25.2.2023… Aurora’s accident

We haven’t updated in a while. Aurora suffered an accident a week before Christmas, on 17.12.2022 she fell on a hunt in high snow. It looked really bad, I was afraid I was going to lose her on the spot. The x-ray showed that it was a fracture of the cervical vertebra and we were given the option of an expensive surgery with a 50 percent chance that Aurora would get back on her feet. Since then, I have been trying my best to rehabilitate her, sometimes it gets better, other times it is terribly difficult. Now after two months I can see that her chances are high. Time will tell us more. It’s a long run. And even if some don’t believe it, we’ll fight. Aurora is worth it. She’s the best Picardy Pointer in the country and most importantly, the best friend. Thank you all for your support.

25.10.2022 … Stars mother & daughter

Aurora passed CANIS-THERAPY exams on 15th October. She became the first Picardy Spaniel with this qualification in the Czech Republic. Her youngest daughter Fabienne passed her first exams in only 7 months on 22nd October – ZV – hunting ability exams.

1.10.2022… Picardy Spaniel Reunion 7

16-18/9/2022 The seventh meeting of our kennel was again successful despite the bad weather there was a good mood. Nice meeting. Training of individuals. Thanks to Katerina Skopalova for beautiful photos. Thank you to all participants. Hail to the Picards!

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