16.5.2021… Litter “E” First birthday

* 16.5.2020 Gayant de Passemarais and Aurora Spanilá Jolanta

Time is running out very fast and our last litter “E” is celebrating their first birthday. This litter was really prayed for and was accompanied by a number of adventures. However, everything turned out well again. This first year was very limited in the canine season, so I hope for improvement of situation and that proper training, tests, exhibitions and other events will be possible. We keep our fingers crossed for you. Thank you to the owners for their care and contact and photos 🙂 Thank you especially for providing the photos to Kateřina Skopalová, who photographed each puppy so often and willingly and, last but not least, went with us again to the kennel meeting. I also thank Aneta Zábranská for beautiful photos of the boy Elian. It remains only to add … ALL THE BEST! Video with photos of their progress HERE