Our breeding kennel Spanilá Jolanta

something from the past…

previously only name Jolanta, Since 1985

Our kennel was previously actively engaged in breeding miniature dachshund, but also gordon setter and English Cocker Spaniel.


In memoriam

Black Pearl Sarmando Dream “Perlita” *10.1.2008 – 24.2.2022

m: Reila Scottish Leader  X F: Ludstar Vincenzo Import Latvia. Perlitka was playful in nature, her hobbies were playing with ball, swimming, running.
During hunting practice, she loved to pointing wild rabbits, she had a perfect nose, she got a grade of 4 in the exams.
In our pack was the alpha. Natural ability exams, autumn exams in the I price. On 2.9. 2012 Perlitka passed the special tests of water exams in the 1st prize.
Perlita also successfully passed canis therapy exams.

Bára Slatinský vršek reg.: ČLP/FCR/2027  * 6.7.2008 – + 20.8.2018 

Bara loved the whole pack, the family. She was always very cheerful. She also enjoyed trips together, hunting. On the international hunt she was chosen the best hunting dog. She excelled at working in the reeds, we will always remember time with her.


Eliška – Xsarah Eustach

* 3.4.2004 – + 26.11.2017

Short-haired Miniature Dachshund. Black and tan female, we brought her from Mr. Klazar, from Hodonin. (breeding kennel Eustach)


“Gordie” Berry Klamap Debra, born 31.12.1996, female Gordon Setter she came to us as an annual female from Prague – Černošice from kennel Klamap, Mrs. Maria Prokůpková, after the tragic accident of our first gordon.

Club show in Panenské Břežany 2000 V1, CAC, KV,

also successfully passed exams talent, special water tests work.

She left us 01.24.2008

Hessy a Gordie


“Grejsi” Cela z Želečky first female Gordon Setter in our breed.

Unfortunately, in less than three years, she died tragically. Autumn exams for pointing dogs.


“Hessy” *15.1.1997 Hessy z Falenky

She was an English Cocker Spaniel.

Hessy has bred a few litters of puppies.

Natural ability test



Aphrodite Jolanta, longhair female, daughter Artemis. Blood track exams


miniature longhaired dachshunds black and tan,

has pioneered breeding dachshunds in our family.

She was brought from Bratislava. Blood track exams