12-13.8. 2017 Picardy Spaniel reunion II.

From August 12th to August 13th, the second event of the Picardy Spaniel reunion took place near Nové Město na Moravě, in beautiful nature.
The event was very successful, the dogs from the litter “A” and some of the litter “B”
We combined the meeting with a nice sitting, talking about our dogs.  And the dogs were playing together. However, the training of young dogs was also part of the program
in the water, on the meadow and in the forest. (bringing a duck, pheasant, searching in reeds, blood track and quail pointing)
We have many beautiful photos thanks to participation, the entire gallery in the link  Kateřina Skopalová


31.7.2017… Aurora with chives

Picardy Spaniel and chives are best suited to each other. Beautifull photos from Kateřiny Mráčkové

13.7.2017… As the last of the litter “B” flew Baron Trenck

As the last puppy of litter “B” flew Baron Trenck “Jasper” to Scotland – Orkney islands. He is now with his new owners.


15.6.2017… Photographic course – Lužánky

On May 21, 2017, we took a look at the photographic course aimed at shooting dogs in Lužánky, and the girls also took a nap. Beautiful souvenir from Petra Kuchyňková

13.5.2017… Puppies on a walk in the meadow

The puppies were out for the first time outside the garden. They were all brave, cheerfully running around. We also tried their talents with a pheasant squadron, and the talents immediately manifested themselves. Thank you for your help and for photos Kateřina Skopalová


25.4.2017… 1.month “B”

Our puppies have one month today. They grow at great speed, we feed more.
They love to play in the garden and
The brawls are sometimes too loud 😀

I update photos every day, on Sundays we have our photos with Katkou Skopalovou, they are really beautiful in 4 weeks …

Also I add a few pictures from the photo shooting in 2 weeks with Katkou Mráčkovou
The puppy’s progress has been magical


17.4.2017… Easter photos of puppies

Puppies are three weeks old, received an invitation to take photos Kristýna Plšková , she made beautiful images of puppies, some with Easter theme, full gallery here

11.4.2017… first 2 weeks for our puppies “B”

Our puppies “B” already have two weeks.
thrive wonderfully, gradually changing their color of coat, they learn to walk. They are cute and all had opened her eyes.
On Friday was the first major photo shoot, I will soon add photos galerie “B”

and video

26.3.2017… Birth litter “B”

Innes x Amand von der Appelbecke, * 25.3.2017

birth litter “B”
Here are our puppies completely
8 strong and healthy, balanced litter
4 girls and 4 boys

16.2.2017… Innes´s pregnancy confirmed

For several days, I think so, Innes has a big appetite, loves to cuddle and sleep enough. And today it was confirmed by ultrasound and we have the first photo 🙂 I’m looking forward